Tyson Fiori won the boxing title by defeating Otto

Tyson Fiori won the boxing title by defeating Otto
This Vegas. 15 September (Politics.com) British boxer Tyson Faury defeated Swedish boxer Otto Whalen in the sixth round after being beaten by a straight-line hit in the third round and made the heavyweight world title title.

Although Otto has no special name in the boxing world, he fiercely contested Fury. He continued to play in the competition on Saturday night, despite severe bleeding. With that speech, Fury accepted the challenge to re-compete with Dave New Wilder next February. Fury won 116-112 points in six rounds over Otto.

 “Otto is a very big Swedish boxer,” Fury said at the end of the competition. Referee Tony Weeks stopped the contest in the sixth round for a brief break in the sixth round to see Fury’s injury but the match resumed and Fury continued to attack Otto with all his energy as he realized. The time was short.

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