American actress Philista gets jailed for bribing daughter’s exams

American actress Philista gets jailed for bribing daughter’s exams
In Washington, reports of bribery and use of influence to increase numbers are often heard in Pakistan. Recently, it is being reported on the media about a political figure in Punjab that he was pressured to raise his son’s numbers in the Physics Practice, which he has denied. The incidence of the disease also occurs in developed countries.

 One such incident happened a while back in the United States, in which many parents claimed that they paid huge bribes to raise their children. Among those parents is the well-known American actress, Philistie Hoffman, who has been sentenced by a court today. But the merits of good colleges are very high and there are only candidates who have enrolled in SAT. Felicity gave her daughter $ 15,000 bribe to get higher score in SAT. But he was found out and a lawsuit was filed against him. On Friday, the court sentenced him to 14 days in jail for bribing $ 15,000.

Hoffman, 56, is the first of 34 parents. Who have been convicted in this regard. They also have to pay a $ 30,000 fine and 250 hours of supervised social service work. Before being sentenced, Hoffman said his daughter had asked him to trust her. Why not Hoffman said he could only tell his daughter he was very sorry. He said he was stupid and made a mistake and that he was ashamed of his actions. In the SAT scandal scandal, the names of 51 people were tried. In US history, the Justice Department This is the first case in which parents have been accused of bribing their children.

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